106 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

From a little silly to downright naughty, here are 106 Elf on the Shelf idea prompts to get your creative juices flowing. Whether your Elf on the Shelf is pulling a prank on your kids or you want to share some adults-only antics with your friends, there’s something here for everyone. Have fun!

106 Elf on the Shelf Ideas by ElfShaming

  1. Playing board games
  2. Playing card games
  3. Playing reindeer games
  4. Playing with knives
  5. Playing hard to get
  6. Hanging out
  7. Hanging up
  8. Leaving notes
  9. Leaving poop
  10. Leaving a mess
  11. Leaving Santa
  12. Cute
  13. Kissy
  14. Kinky
  15. Sneaky
  16. Sexy
  17. Sewing
  18. Singing
  19. Inappropriate use of marshmallows
  20. Inappropriate use of scissors
  21. Inappropriate use of markers
  22. Inappropriate use of tape
  23. Inappropriate use of a gingerbread house
  24. Inappropriate use of a candy cane
  25. Inappropriate use of Christmas lights
  26. Inappropriate use of cleavage
  27. Inappropriate use of a smartphone
  28. Running
  29. Rowing
  30. Looking
  31. Listening
  32. Thinking
  33. Throwing
  34. Up high
  35. Down low
  36. Should he be drinking that?
  37. Should he be eating that?
  38. Should he be reading that?
  39. Should she be watching that?
  40. Should she be buying that?
  41. The big 7: lust, envy, gluttony, greed, pride, sloth, wrath
  42. Lies
  43. Confessions
  44. Persuasion
  45. Excuses
  46. Blackmail
  47. Bribes
  48. Revenge
  49. Regrets
  50. Road trip
  51. Sexual relations with himself
  52. Sexual relations that are logistically tricky
  53. Sexual relations with multiple partners
  54. Exhausted
  55. Obsessed
  56. Forgetful
  57. Stealing food
  58. Stealing jewelry
  59. Stealing hearts
  60. Poor life choices
  61. Retelling an urban legend
  62. Retelling a children’s book
  63. Retelling the story of your favorite TV characters
  64. Retelling the story of his rap sheet
  65. Retelling the story of his sordid past
  66. Retelling favorite song lyrics
  67. His relationship with the dog
  68. His relationship with the internet
  69. His relationship with the kids in the house
  70. The truth behind the smile
  71. The truth about her last Girls Night Out
  72. The truth about how she interacts with the toys of the house
  73. What he cooks
  74. What she cleans
  75. What he bakes
  76. What she hides
  77. What he reads
  78. What she writes
  79. How she spent her time at the store
  80. How he spent his time in the attic
  81. How she spent her last dollar
  82. How he spent his Spring Break
  83. How she got away with murder
  84. How she ruined the party
  85. How she got an injury
  86. How she spends her days
  87. How she spends her nights
  88. In the kitchen
  89. In the bedroom
  90. In the bathroom
  91. In the basement
  92. In the living room
  93. In the closet
  94. In the yard
  95. Getting creative with chocolate
  96. Getting creative with stickers
  97. Getting creative with cotton
  98. Getting creative with frosting
  99. Getting creative with chalk
  100. Getting creative with cameras
  101. Getting creative with LEGO
  102. Getting creative with zip lines
  103. Favorite outfit
  104. Favorite craft
  105. Favorite prank
  106. Favorite hiding spot

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