I Do Not Think Elves Are Supposed to Do This

There are many things an elf can do in the evenings, such as:

  • Go report the kids’ behavior to Santa
  • Chip in at the toy factory
  • Look for errant pine needles
  • Unplug the exterior Christmas lights
  • Remind the dog he’s being watched, too
  • Do a better job of hiding the gifts in that poorly-tied garbage bag Mom hastily shoved in the closet

What do we see NOT on that list?

i do not think elves are supposed to do this by herd management on elf shaming

How about playing strip poker in Barbie’s Dream House?

Herd-Management ElfShaming Strip Poker

Do these ladies even know that his felty frock doesn’t come off?


Shame. On. You.

Now get back to work!

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