The Number One Elf on the Shelf Tip of Them All

Managing your Elf on the Shelf every winter can be a hassle.

The logistics take time and brain power many of us parents simply don’t have during the hectic holiday season. Facebook feeds are FULL of laments about this responsibility–especially about forgetting to move the elf.

This is why I’m about to hand you an Elf on the Shelf tip that will save your sanity.

Top Elf on the Shelf Tip by ElfShaming

Your mind is about to be blown, and your thumbs are about to take action.

Are you ready?

THIS is what you need in you life:

Elf on the Shelf Reminders by ElfShaming


Set up those three reminders every day–use code words if your little ones use your phone on the regular–then sit back, relax, and don’t worry about a thing until it’s time to box that felty bastard back up again on Christmas Eve.

Fall asleep early? Not a problem! Your morning alarm will wake you in time to dash downstairs and make the magic happen before your kids get up and start their daily search.

Need some ideas for what to do with them every night? Check out these 106 ideas.

You’re welcome.

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