Let Me Take an #Elfie Video Because of Course

Seems some elves just can’t stay away from their camera apps these days.


And now it seems they even have their own theme song!

Which obviously means they have their own music video.


Check it out:

From the creators of the video: Inspired by the Elf on the Shelf parenting craze, #ELFIE is a parody video of the Chainsmoker’s hit #SELFIE prepared to take social media by storm this holiday season. While on duty, #ELFIE is the family-friendly model of good behavior that Santa would hope for in a helper, but once the children drift off into dreamland, he parties like it’s December 26th. From visits to Las Vegas to photos with celebrity friends, he has the kind of fun you’ll have to see to believe.

Facebook: Christmas Elfie
Twitter: @theselfieelfie
Instagram: @theselfieelfie

Enjoy humming this tune for the rest of the day! YOU’RE WELCOME.

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