Natalie & Sneaky: Two Peas in a Pod

Don’t they look just so CUTE together?

Don’t be fooled. 

Natalie has been known to come down with a little Beiber Fever.

Also? Sneaky has a gun. AND HIS NAME IS “SNEAKY.”

An innocent smile often hides unspeakable deeds. Multiply that times two, throw in a gun-wielding fella and his swinging lady friend, and who knows what they’re up to after dark?

I sure as heck don’t want to hear about it. I’d like to keep my innocence.

Elf submitted by Maria Cal, @RiaCal on Twitter
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4 thoughts to “Natalie & Sneaky: Two Peas in a Pod”

  1. I wish I’d taken a pic because our elf, Trogdor, drew mustaches, with a sharpie, on our 4 sons his first night back! Last year it was red “Rudolph” noses, TP’d the dining room, all kinds of shenanigans! I’ll take pics from now on of the stinker.

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