4 Simple Ways to Get Your Elf on the Shelf Featured

The elves are coming!

The elves are coming!

From now through Christmas, Elf on the Shelf excitement is going to explode.

While you’re resting after a long day of buying mini marshmallows and researching how to get your Elf’s arms to bend at will, take a moment to learn how your Elf on the Shelf can be featured here on ElfShaming for his naughty behavior.

1. Send in a photo with evidence of your silly little Elf gone rogue.

I can SEE you hiding in the cabinet, Mister! Would you please stop wasting all our two-ply quilted toilet paper??

2. Send in a photo of your very naughty elf caught in the act.

Buddy! Princess Aurora! You two stop that right this instant!

3. Send in a photo of your elf with a Shaming sign, confessing his sins.

Why must they always doodle with permanent markers, when we have 200 washable markers in the house??

4. Send in a link to a blog post you have already written about your Elf’s antics.

Like this one I did last year. 

From LetMeStartBySayingBlog.com

Whether your Elf is a little bit messy or should be imprisoned for his diabolical acts, whether he is a traditional Elf on the Shelf or another kind of winter season critter that keeps its eyes on the kids, they are all welcome here.

Send your photos to ElfShaming@Gmail.com today. If it is accepted, you’ll be contacted for more details so I can write up his/her story. Confession. Whatever. 

I look forward to seeing your misbehaving Elves...I think.

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